Bathhouse & Sauna

Bathhouse & Sauna


A real russian woodfired steam bath has the temperature of 70-90 degrees, with a humidity of 30%. It is designed for the amount from 2 to 4 guests.

Behind the roman steam bath concept goes benches and walls as it comes from the thermae. Its main feature is scented steam with a temperature up to 55 degrees, it gives an additional therapeutic effect to the body. All the guests are offered to chose aroma for the bath or a large selection of herbs. We will help to chose the best program for you as we have an individual approach to each guest.

The steam bath services include

  • Bathrobe, towel, chaise lounges, slippers, felt hats;
  • Jacuzzi and indoor pool attending;
  • A steaming by a professional bath-house attendant is available with the duration of 1 hour 40 minutes;
  • Also, The following complex of treatments is included as well: various peelings (salt, honey), scrubbing, massage treatment with all types of besom, herbal wraps, dip in the river where holes have been cut into the ice.
*Price in UAH per 1 person (Including VAT 20%)
Russian bath 2 hours 900,00
Roman Thermae 2 hours 500,00
Services bathhouse attendant 600,00

Various dishes form Japanese and European cuisine are at your service, you can also enjoy a cup of aromatic tea that will make your visit to our SPA-center unforgettable.


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