Body care

Body care


Body care is certainly needed and important. After all, in the modern rhythm of life, it is simply necessary to protect the body, which is subjected to constant loads and stresses.

Massage is considered a classics of anti-stress therapy. In addition to rest and stress relief, the right massage technique allows you to remove pain, general fatigue, tighten the skin.
But the main advantage is that the masseur is able to create a new external appearance and to give inner harmony.

SunRay offers the following types of massage

Anti-cellulite massage 45 minutes - 480 UAH
Massage of the collar zone 20 minutes - 190 UAH
Classic sports massage 50 minutes - 390 UAH
General massage 60 minutes - 430 UAH
Foot massage 30 minutes - 210 UAH
Massage of feet 40 minutes - 270 UAH
Relaxing massage 60 minutes - 350 UAH
Back massage 30 minutes - 260 UAH



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