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From the leading manufacturers of exquisite French SPA cosmetics GISELE DELORME and Charme d'Orient, the best SPA-technologists and chefs of the restaurant, exclusively for SUNRAY guests only.

SPA Journey to Paris
We invite you to an elegant SPA-journey full of invigorating procedures. You will find a swimming pool at the SPA center, where you can enjoy the water coolness with a glass of refreshing orange juice. The next stage will be fruity gommage and moisturizing the whole body with velor milk. The novelty of the sensations will be presented to you by the exquisite French cosmetic line GISELE DELORME, based on natural ingredients and allowing you to optimize the care and adapt it to the evolution of your skin. Then you’ll enjoy the back massage and at the end amazing facial treatments based on light serum, made according to the recipes of the best Parisian SPA-technologists.

In conclusion, a breakfast awaits you from the chef of the restaurant, in the best traditions of the French morning: poached eggs with Chavrou cheese and Parma ham on poillan, curly pincher, and, of course, fragrant, invigorating espresso.


Price in UAH (Including VAT 20%)
The cost of the program for 1 guest 1800,00

The duration of the program is 2.5 hours.


SPA Journey to Grasse
This is an unforgettable SPA-treatment, which will allow yourself to feel like on the Southern Coast of Provence, relax and plunge into the luxury of enchanting scents. It starts with a bubbling cool Jacuzzi, where a glass with a delicate fruit and berry smoothie will be waiting for you. The heart of the trip is a unique procedure: the massage with warm aroma-candles made in Grasse according to the old technologies of cold pressing of aroma-oils, which allows preserving the "soul of aroma" and all the medicinal properties of the herbs of this unique area. A pleasant continuation of the journey will be personal skin care using an effective line of cosmetology masterpiece from GISELE DELORME.

The final chord of the evening will be an easy Mediterranean lunch / dinner overlooking the movement of water in the rays of the setting sun over SunRay. The chef of our restaurant will arrange a gastronomic tour to Grasse: a duck breast with grapes in brandy sauce, sorbet and incredibly fragrant fruit tea.


Price in UAH (Including VAT 20%)
The cost of the program for 1 guest 2000,00

The duration of the program is 3 hours.


SPA Journey to Morocco
The unique SPA-trip with African notes, characterized by exceptional approach to your desire to relax and unwind. Open his immersion in the jacuzzi and cool Moroccan tea with peppermint. After that you’ll move to Moroccan hamam, where you will be covering with black soap, making a procedure for scrubbing with Kes's gloves. Deep cleansing of the skin will be followed by wrapping Moroccan clay, as well as complex hair care, head massage and personal facial and body skin care using the French lines GISELE DELORME and Charme d'Orient. Created in perfect harmony with the active ingredients, this SPA program will provide a complete palette of solutions to individual needs and will present an amazing sensation to your skin.

A great end to the trip will be an evening on the bay with oriental tea, assorted fruits, cheeses, nuts and a glass of wine.


Price in UAH (Including VAT 20%)
The cost of the program for 1 guest 2500,00

The duration of the program is 3 hours.


Special price for the purchase of 3 SPA trips for one guest - 5500 UAH.



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