Fitness set

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An excellent physical form often acts as an indicator of the status and proper attitude of a person not only to himself, but to life in general.

Especially for those guests who are accustomed to taking care of their health, we offer the “Fitness Set” service. Thanks to our offer, you can without interruption of a rest to conduct a full-fledged training indoors or outdoors. Each guest of our hotel will be able to receive this service.

The “Fitness kit” includes

  • Body bar
  • A set of fitness elastic bands from 4 to 23 kg
  • Karemat
  • Halahup
  • Press roller
  • Jump rope

Now each guest will be able to observe their sport mode. With a fitness kit and the most beautiful locations of the SunRay hotel, you can do it no worse than in any gym with professional equipment.