Rules of stay

Rules of stay

1. Registration of the settlement is carried out after presentation of a citizen's passport or other identity document and making 100% payment for the entire period of stay in the SunRay Hotel.
2. Check-in time (settlement) - 14:00, check-out time (estimated time) - 12:00 local time.
3. Cancellation of reservation without payment - per day from the declared date.
4. Payment for the stay is carried out according to the current tariffs for the duration of the stay in the hotel, for the entire stated period. 
5. The stay of children under 10 years of age with parents is not paid additionally. Staying children over 10 years old is paid at the full rate. 
6. Early check-in and late check-out are paid additionally at the rate of 50% of the cost.
7. Exclusively by prior arrangement and with availability of the hotel, the guest can extend his stay.
8. Changes in the agreed date and time of departure should be reported to the reception of the hotel, not later than 24 hours before the estimated time. 
9. In case of early departure or in case of no-show, a refund is made if the guest informs about his decision at the reception of the hotel not later than 48 hours.
10. The territory of the hotel complex is under round-the-clock security.
11. In the interests of our own security, we recommend that you do not invite unfamiliar people to your cottage.
12. Your guests who do not live in the hotel must register after 22:00 and pay for their stay or leave the territory of SunRay Hotel.
13. Please carefully treat the property of the complex. In case of willful / unintentional damage / loss of the property of the complex, payment is charged according to the approved price list.
14. Please keep valuables in the cottage safe. 
15. Please respectfully treat other guests, do not allow noise on the terraces of the cottages after 23:00. 
16. It is prohibited to smoke tobacco products, as well as electronic cigarettes and hookahs in the restaurant and cafe-bar.  It is prohibited, in addition to specially designated places, smoking tobacco products in the premises of the hotel complex, including in cottages.  The responsibility for this violation is provided for in art.  1751 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses and entails the application to the offender of the relevant sanctions.
17. It is necessary to observe the fire safety rules (do not leave the fire in the cottages unattended). It is forbidden to store flammable and explosive substances.
18. Leaving the cottage, in order to prevent damage to property, meaningless electricity costs, for personal safety, please close the water taps, close the terrace, pull out a light card from the energy pocket, make sure that your key does not stay in the cottage.
19. On the day of departure, in order to organize your departure and final settlement for the services provided, please contact the hotel reception 30 minutes before the check-out time.
20. The maintenance of animals in the complex, including cottages, is prohibited.
21. In the summer, the use of the beach until 9:00 and after 19:00 is strictly prohibited. 
22. Use of the indoor pool in the SPA zone is allowed from 9:00 and until 21:00 (for residents), until 19:00 (for guests not living in the complex). 
23. Free private parking is possible on area. Administration is not responsible for valuables guests left in the car. 
24. After departure, the use of the services of the SPA-complex until 14:00 for free, after 14:00 - according to the price list.



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