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Massage is one of the many long-term ways of healing and body care. A correctly selected combination of techniques and means for massage can breathe new strength and beauty into your body. Our experts not only know the secrets of healing and know how to create the desired silhouette, but also help you to relax, have a rest, so that later you will be sent to conquer this world with renewed strength.

Price in UAH per 1 person(Including VAT 20%)
Relaxing «Candle massage» 60 minutes 1000,00
Total body massage 60 minutes 850,00
Total body massage 90 minutes 1150,00
Relaxing Massage 60 minutes 750,00
Relaxing Massage 90 minutes 1100,00
Classic sports massage 60 minutes 750,00
Classic sports massage 90 minutes 950,00
Anticellulite massage 60 minutes 1300,00
Back massage 30 minutes 550,00
Collar zone and head massage  30 minutes 500,00
Facial massage 30 minutes 550,00
Foot massage 30 minutes 550,00
Сooling foot massage 30 minutes 550,00

The cost includes: bathrobe, slippers, towel, mini cosmetics, herbal tea, water.