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We strive to provide our guests with the best active lifestyle experience possible at our health club. And now, we’re raising the level of comfort and care for you by introducing our Massage Room. It’s the perfect complement to your workout.

Experienced in many different types of massage, our team of qualified massage therapists knows your needs. They understand your needs. They are ready to provide you with a personalized approach. We are here to provide you with the highest quality service, whether you are looking for a sports massage for post-workout recovery, a relaxation massage for muscle relaxation, or any other type of massage.

To maximize your comfort and keep you healthy and physically active, we offer a wide range of massage services.

The price includes: towel, bathrobe, slippers, personal hygiene products.

Relaxing massage
Relaxing massage - the main goal is to relieve stress and tension that can accumulate in the body as a result of everyday worries, anxiety and physical activity. The procedure helps to improve emotional well-being, reduce stress levels and deal with insomnia.

Price in UAH per 1 person(Including VAT 20%)
Relaxing massage 60 minutes 1800,00
Relaxing massage 90 minutes 2300,00


Sports massage
Sports massage is a specialized massage method intended to prepare the body for physical activity and accelerate the recovery process after training.

Price in UAH per 1 person(Including VAT 20%)
Sports massage 60 minutes 2000,00
Sports massage 90 minutes 2600,00


Back massage

Price in UAH per 1 person(Including VAT 20%)
Back massage 30 minutes 1200,00


Collar zone and head massage

Price in UAH per 1 person(Including VAT 20%)
Collar zone and head massage 30 minutes 1200,00


Foot massage

Price in UAH per 1 person(Including VAT 20%)
Foot massage 30 minutes 1200,00


Lymphatic drainage massage
Lymphatic drainage massage is a specialized method of manual action aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system. The main purpose of this procedure is to normalize and activate lymph flow, which contributes to the effective removal of toxins from the body, strengthening the immune system, as it improves drainage function.

Price in UAH per 1 person(Including VAT 20%)
Lymphatic drainage massage 60 minutes 2000,00


Personalized massage
Personalized massage is one of the key principles of which is to focus on specific structures or parts of the body where there are painful sensations, tension, or other functional disorders. The masseur assesses the guest's condition, identifies problem areas, and develops an individualized treatment plan.

Price in UAH per 1 person(Including VAT 20%)
Personalized massage 60 minutes 2200,00
Personalized massage 90 minutes 2800,00


Anti-cellulite massage
Anti-cellulite massage is aimed at improving the appearance of the skin, reducing the volume and eliminating the unevenness characteristic of cellulite. One of the main goals of the massage is to destroy fat accumulations and improve blood and lymph circulation in problem areas.

Price in UAH per 1 person(Including VAT 20%)
Anti-cellulite massage 40 minutes 1500,00
Anti-cellulite massage 60 minutes 2000,00