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My ideal SPA day
Driven by your preferences the Complex’s experts have designed a unique SPA day – body care service package based on the efficient set of SPA procedures, massage techniques.

Description & Price

The program “MY PERFECT SPA DAY” includes:

For him:

  • Soaring with brooms;
  • Salt body peeling;
  • Honey wrap;

For her:

  • SPA hair care;
  • Face massage;
  • A relaxing body massage.

A pleasant conclusion to the SPA-day will be a set lunch from the restaurant from a specially developed menu of healthy eating:

For him:

  • Tea with honey and jam
  • Veal medallion on celery cream with quinoa and poached egg;
  • Chia pudding;
  • Tea (Walnut).

For her:

  • Herb tea;
  • Salmon in teriyaki sauce on guacamole with green vegetables;
  • Chia pudding;
  • Tea (Walnut).
Price in UAH (Including VAT 20%
Package price for 2 guests (240 minutes) 3500,00


Professional steam in a Russian bath
Professional steaming in the Russian bath is designed for one and several guests, lasts 2 hours. During this time in the best paired traditions and with the personal support of bath attendant.

Description & Price

  • Visiting a Russian bath (2 hours);
  • Independent heating;
  • Warming in 4 stages:
    • Scrubbing the body with sezale gloves;
    • Steaming with brooms;
    • Steaming with salt peeling;
    • Steaming with honey, wrapping in herbs.

All procedures are accompanied by a drinking regime - water, or herbal tea. Most importantly, at the beginning individual selection of procedures is performed separately for men, or for women.

An immersion in the hole, especially effective in the winter, a counter-wave pool and an open-air jacuzzi overlooking the bay, will complement your program.

Price in UAH (Including VAT 20%)
Program cost for 1 guest (2 hours) 1800,00


Detox in a Russian steam bath
All functions of the program are directed at deep skin cleansing, improving blood flow, increasing metabolism, eliminating puffiness, fat burning. The procedure is helping to restore the skin to its original smoothness, elasticity and elasticity. With a nice warming thermo effect, at a comfortable temperature for the body.

Description & Price

  • Body scrubbing  with linen gloves;
  • Light  steaming with brooms;
  • Honey massage;
  • Wrapping in herbs with grapefruit and nutritious cream;
  • Detox smoothie.


Price in UAH (Including VAT 20%)
Program cost for 1 guest (1,5 hours) 1500,00


Traditional hammam
The gradual change of temperature, the warm stone and massage are a whole layer of culture that will give the general body healing, relaxation and a pleasant feeling of calm.

Description & Price

  • Spa use (pool, jacuzzi, Hammam);
  • The ritual in the hammam includes:
    • Body scrub with black soap and kesse;
    • Soap massage;
    • Moisturizing;
    • Herbal tea and healthy snacks (nuts, raisins and cookies).


      Price in UAH (Including VAT 20%)
      Program cost for 1 guest (75 minutes) 1800,00



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