Active leisure

Active leisure

Summer bar
Summer bar located near the beach. A large assortment of light snacks and drinks will help you fill up with energy. The picturesque view, light music and refreshing cocktails of the summer bar contribute to a comfortable and relaxing holiday.

The summer menu and refreshing cocktails of the restaurant will give a boost of vivacity.


Water transport
You can have a great time on the water, SunRay provides water transport for hire: boats and jet skis. Take a ride on water skiing or a wakeboard, feel the sea of adrenaline and positive emotions.


Price in UAH (Including VAT 20%)
  1 minute 1 hour
Boat services Master Craft 55,00 3300,00
Boat services TAHOE 45,00 2700,00
Jet Ski Service 70,00 4200,00


Children`s leisure activities
We appreciate and take care of all our guests, and not one of them, even the smallest, should be bored on vacation!
The complex has a children's playground with a special atraumatic design. All children’s slides and swings are set on a special soft coating and are densely surrounded by greenery.