About us

About us

SunRay hotel complex is a perfect place for recreation including a concept of comfort thought out to the last detail. The complex is located on the bank of Samara Gulf, 20 minutes drive from the center of  Dnipro city that fives you and opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of coziness and comfort. The hotel complex has highly  developed infrastructure so our guests can fully enjoy their leisure. Pleasant impressions and high quality services will make SanRay your favorite recreation place.


The infrastructure of the hotel complex is developed at a high level, it will help the guests of the complex, enjoy the holiday as much as possible. A lot of pleasant impressions and high quality of services, will make SunRay your favorite holiday destination.

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24, Dachnaya street, 
Podgorodnoye city, 
Dnipropetrovsk region, 
Ukraine, 52001

Working hours:

Hotel - 24/7
Restaurant - 24/7
SPA - 9:00 - 19:00

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