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For a successful and fruitful day a person needs strength and energy that gives a healthy sleep. To guests wake up in a good mood and full of positive plans, the hotel offers any favorite pillow to choose from the presented "Menu of pillows." SunRay hotel complex will take care of your rest. For your convenience and comfort we offer several types of pillows, different in form and filling.

Orthopedic pillow
The special ergonomic shape of the orthopedic pillow perfectly adapts to the exact contours of the neck and head. Helps relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders, providing a therapeutic effect. The wave-shaped design aligns the cervical section and ensures optimal blood circulation.

Rejuvenating pillow
The cushion will allow the person to be in a relaxed state during sleep. Carefully touching the skin, she keeps her face moisturized and smooth. Prevents the problems of the cervical spine.

Orthopedic pillow with carbon bamboo and natural herbs or seeds
Flowers of jasmine in the pillow - act as an antidepressant. Their light fragrance helps relieve tension and fatigue, improve mood. Positively affects the hormonal system.

Pillow with buckwheat kernel
A pillow filled with buckwheat kernel is an orthopedic, ecologically clean and hypoallergenic product. Possesses calming properties.

Orthopedic pillow under the feet
Ideal for those who spend a lot of time during the day on their feet, for pregnant women and people with joint diseases. Relieves joints and muscles contributes to the correct position of the legs and spine during sleep.



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